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>> shepard: updating one of our breaking news stories. live pictures in atlanta. school is letting out now after a school shooting at price middle school. the best information we have is that authorities believe a 14-year-old girl, a middle school student, shot in either the head or the back of the neck. different cops different things. so it's something around there. she was said to be alert and
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conscious. she went to the hospital. a suspect is in custody. the number of schools were on lockdown. now they're allowing the schools to go for the day. the perpetrator identified as a student. a student at price middle. this may have gun with a conflict between students of two different schools. i'm shepard smith. an update on this 7:00 eastern, 6:00 in oxford. captioned by closed captioning services inc. >> tomorrow's jobs report, more ominous signs for the economy and now, pink slips for the president's jobs council. >> welcome everyone, i'm in for neil neil cavuto. and one day after learning the economy is shrinking, news that the job marketes -- democrats say it's because federal spending is drying up. to craig smith who says that
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argument is all wet. craig? >> you know what? i think i'm going to agree with the democrats. federal spending is drying up. it was down and look what happened. well, thankfully, federal spending is stopping, because look at everything that they've been doing, eric? up in of it has been working, and when you start to think this whole thing through, they're going to blame it on bush or the republicans and they're going to say, this was all part of theses quickster done the sequestration deal, and everybody stopped spending but you know the seed0s the last quarter's gdp were sow n in the summer of 2012 when president obama put politics ahead of our national security or any economic growth.
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its its ridiculous. >> that's the most important word, growth. when the economy opportunity grow you have no way of digging yourself out of the ditch. the 16-1/2 trillion ditch. here's my point. if the government stops pending, if the economy is so weak that when the government does stop spending, it goes into a neglect testify growth or recessioner in period, that's not the sign of a healthy economy? >> if agree with you. but keep in mine what i'm homing now, eric, we city a little stability, at least until 2014 elections. we know that people over 200,000 a year are going to pay 4-1/2% more in tax. we know there's certain stability. let's hope we wet through the debt ceiling crisis, and then you'll see the private sector invest. if there's one thing this president is going to be known for, he is all over the social issues, guns and gay marriage and healthcare but has done nothing to help this economy. and when you look at what jack will you and rob neighbors and
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gene sprawling did in the summer of 2011, are you shock wed have had this anemic recovery? and we're not in a recovery. near a recession. >> one more quarter and we're in a technical recession as well. one more quarter of negative. let's talk about this for a little bit. so, what we really need is growth to come back into the economy. for me, ronald reagan, margaret thatcher, said let people keep more of their own money and then people invest in their businesses or invest in themselves go out to dinner, a movie. thatthat's economic growth. >> you're absolutely correct. and look, the numbers are clear. if we were growing at three to four, five%, which is not out of the realm of possibility, happened under ronald reagan -- we could grow our way out of this problem. eric, you're not going to be able to tax your way out or cut your way out of this. we have to create growth. how could we create going to?
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unfortunately the head of the imf told us we need confidence in our currency, we need confidence in legislation coming out of washington, dc. you know from fox business, the balance sheets look very good in corporate america right now. if they had some stability from a government and people had money to spend, we'd grow our way right out of this. >> more money to spend, more things to buy, more economic activity. today we found out that the president has disbanned his jobs council after a couple of years. in 2011 it met three times in 2012, it met all of once. so is it that the economy is getting better, the job market is get can better, but now that he doesn't face another re-election he is not worried about it? >> i think your last choice. how do you keep the jobs council when the head of it is sending jobs to china. it gets to be rather embarrassing. mr. obama may be a wonderful
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man. i don't know. i've never met him personally. but he doesn't understand the first thing of economics. he is going to go down in history as the worst economics president we have ever had. the people around him have given him bad information. can you imagine what paul krueger must be saying "the new york times"? spend another 2 trillion and spend our way out of this. >> never been able to do this. stay on the jobs council for a bit. they actually came up with some decent ideas. trying to figure out ways to promote more travel to america, trying to figure out ways to create economic activity in america. not a bad idea. not a bad group. why bother disbanding it? was it taking up to much of his time? >> could have messed up his golf schedule. he did the same thing with bowls -- bowl simpson. they bring up great recommendations and he says we'll talk about it later.
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i have more important things. so they love to have meet examination discuss the issues and corporate america did -- you're right -- came up with very good suggestion how to bring people back to work and start to grow the economy. the president is too busy to deal with it. he now has gun control he has to work on, and gay marriage he needs to work on, which is far more important than getting the 7.8% of our work force back to work, paying taxes, creating growth in the economy, which you and i both know is what we need. >> we have to leave it there but we'll be watching for the mom unemployment number and find out itself it moves from 7.8%. thank you very much. see how the market responds to tomorrow's jobs report. it was a down day today, a bit, but for january, this is one heck of a month. the dow closing out its best january in 19 years. >> as we debate gun control here we're giving arms to egypt.
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senator rand paul trying to stop that. he just lost the fight today but is not giving up. he is here, and remember this? >> i am not going to keep cutting the discretionary budget which, with the way, is not out of control, despite what you hear on fox news. >> is it out of control now senator? all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
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i am not going to keep cutting the discretionary budget which, by the way, is not out of control, despite what you hear on fox news. >> well, it's not out of control. my next guest would like to know what is? she uncovered these items in the fiscal year 2012 discretionary
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budget. $141,000 to study pig manure in china. $225,000 to study the habits of jordannan university students, and $20 million on an agricultural based reality tv show in india. i don't know what a hookah hand is? >> i think some of the questions they were studying there was, is hookah smoking better or worse than smoking cigarettes? but this waste is just a tip of a massive iceberg. federal spending is out of control in pretty much all areas of the budget. >> the point you're making is, when senator landry said, no, fox news would have you think it's in the discretionary part of the budget. well, it is out of control there well, is it not? >> discretionary spending grew by 40% over the past ten years,
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yes, it is out of control. it's true the entitlements are driving our spending and debt challenge but there's a lot of room to cut, especially nondefense discretionary spending. >> can i just ask you -- we spent $20 million on a reality tv series in india? 20 million? >> that's right. the department of agriculture spend tuesday hundred million every year marketing u.s. farm products abroad. this particular reality tv show in india was supposed to advertise cotton, but india is a net exporter of cotton. >> this afternoon the senate voted to pass the suspension of the debt ceiling. thoughts on that? was that a good move? >> we're in the middle of the budget process and one of the caveats with this bill is that, yes, we suspended the debt ceiling until may 19, but the senate now has to come up with a budget. this is the time for lawmakers to find these important spending
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cuts, making the reforms we need and in the entitlement programs and cutting inappropriate and wasteful federal spending. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> so from funding pig manure to putting lipstick on a pig. we showed you how the mainstream print media was portraying the awful gdp report, showing the first contraction in three and a half years. >> what you had was a parade thrown by all of these democrats and jay carney and nancy pelosi. woo-hoo, raise the roof. negative growth. what -- >> they blame the house. the reason for the negative growth was obstruction in the g.o.p. driven house. >> yeah, that's right, and of course, nancy pelosi, harry reid
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who is wagging his finger and telling people, don't bad-mouth it. that ways the exact quote he used. and unfortunately there are too many of these manystream media types who are falling right in line. it was a stunning drop. s-h-h-h. >> we also pointed out we read -- nbc didn't even mention the negative growth. abc danced around it, a slight downturn. this one gets me. scott pelley at cbs talked about the downturn but assured viewer, don't worery. it will probably be revised. wink. >> it's is no into see some candor there, especially when you compare it to the prepackaged, preprogrammed talking points, as you said, blaming the usual suspects. the house republican obstructionism and manufactured crisis. the exact quote from nancy pelosi there. but the truth is very
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depressing. for many people trying to make it in the economy, and there's no candy coating that. it's not just lipstick on a pig they're using. they're trying to use lip gloss on the pig to blind people with their shiny lies. >> we're going to turn pages. look at this video released by the department of hopeland security. we want your reaction. watch. >> if you are caught out in the open and cannot conceal yourself or take cover you might consider trying to overpower the shooter with whatever means are available. to protect your hiding place, look the door if you can. block the door with heavy furniture and close, cover, and move away from windows. hide behind large items such as cabinets or desks. >> so, honestly, michelle, you have antive shooter situation, and they say grab a pair of sis scores. >> this was not an onion parity, not a saturday night live skit,
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this is homeland security telling people to defend themselves against the next wave of terrorists or violent criminals with their desk chair. i can't -- i cannot deal with this, eric. you have to laugh because otherwise you would cry. >> you might cry. i wonder how much research they did and that's what okay came up with? maybe throw a bottle of elmer's glue at the perpetrator. >> to take a serious turn on this, there are so many mandated government, gun-free zones in this country, and we are disarming and disempowering people to defend themselves and this is just a sick joke underlying that. >> absolutely. we're going to switch gears. next topic, illegal immigration, obviously a big topic this week. the gang of eight senators say what they're pitching is not
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blanket amnesty, would actually send 11 million illegal immigrants here to the back of the line of citizenship. what say you? >> same old song from the amnesty gang. i've been reporting on this issue for more than 20 years. i've said tirelessly that immigration is first and foremost a national security and enforcement issue. and if these politicians are truly committed to national security, border security, and enforcement, they wouldn't tether it in a politically expedient way to amnesty everytime they lose an election. are you hearing me, republicans, on this? it's very frustrating because we're supposed to be the party and the movement that supports the rule of law. instead of the 11 million illegal aliens do-we know that a bogus figure. probably upwardded of 20 million now. they've used that statistic for 15 years. instead of making it a priority for the 11 million illegals in the shadow, how about putting a
1:19 pm
priority on the law-abiding people in country who have been waiting in line the right way. shouldn't we value them? there's 4.6 million people who haveored these vees saturday waiting to get into the country. that's where my compassion and sympathy lies. >> yesterday i had man -- take a listen to the interchange i had with him. >> there are lot of people out there say, there's effective immigration going on in america, if you just wait in line, fill out the forms, do it properly, you become a citizen. >> i don't think that is accurate. frankly, it's not a system that allows you to do that or else everybody would be in line waiting to make sure they get it. there's a rope why there's a bipartisan support to fiction immigration reform because obviously the system is not working. >> goo ahead, michelle. >> i don't understand what he is saying. the system isn't working because it puts a premium in politics on
1:20 pm
those open border voices that scream the loudest. we have had a dozen amnesties since 1986, when reagan made the hornettal mistake of believing the democrat would tie amnesty to enforcement. that promise has never been fulfilled, and those who have been am in -- amnesty have buttd in front of the line and loaded ode down the system and increased the waiting time and processing for people who honestly -- was washington is telling them, they're chumps for respecting the rule of law. >> we'll leave it there. good to see you. the call to arms to stop arming egypt. senator rand paul is here, and a deadly twister rips through georgia. the >> come on. get over here.
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but it's no secret... it's slimful. eating less is a beautiful thing. protests raging in egypt amid warnings the country could collapse. still lawmakers in washington killing an amendment that would have banned the transfer of fighter jets and tanks from the u.s. to that nation. rand paul, the senator behind that amendment. senator, thanks for joining us. the amendment failed today. tell us about the amendment. what were you trying to do? >> this amendment would have stopped the transfer of f-16s and tanks to egypt. you have seen those pictures of tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people rioting in the street. does that look like a stable country to you? combine that with comment comments by president morsi that were translated to say that jews were blood suckers and
1:25 pm
descendents of apes and pigs. doesn't sound like a country we should be sending our mosted a vanned weapons to the other side up here, they're so used to doing one thing, they're so used to having unlimited money, and the fact they think we should buy our friends. they keep doing the same thing but it's wrong. >> so many people approach me and say, what are we doing? we can barely pay our own bills. we're second f-16s to egypt and we're not even sure what morsi is? muslim brotherhood new? the old fashioned? what is he? >> here's the thing. if you polled this question, i think 80% of the people are with me, that we shouldn't be sending weapons to egypt, but if you take a vote up here, 80% of the senators voted against me. but that shows you houston howe out of touch they are in washington and also is a good reason why we ought to have term limits because frank live these guys just don't get it. >> what's their point?
1:26 pm
why did they vote against your amendment banning the f16s. we need to make sure the country stays stable? >> some people see it as a make work project. with give them money they'll buy weapons from us and that creates jobs. if that were true why don't we give countries around the world money to buy our cars. it's foolish. but then some of them say, well, they won't let us use the suez canal. my response to that is, they should want us to use the suez canal because there are fees for going through the came. they should want to be participating in trade because we send them food because they can't feed themselves. so, we don't have to pay england to be our friend. why do we have to pay egypt to be our friend? i think before we send them anything, they should act like our friend and not burn our flag and let a mob get on top of our embassy and chant, death to america. it's a huge mistake to send them
1:27 pm
weapons. >> i'm guessing one of the countries concerned about sending f-16s to egypt would be israel. where are the pro israel lobbies on these -- >> it's quite interesting. i've talked to a lot of the -- a lot of people think there's only one pro israel lobby. there's one dominant one but there's many others, and also members of these groups, and i guarantee if i went to any of their general membership meetings, the pro israel americans are with me on this issue. but they need to call their leadership because many of your pro israel groups are lobbying against me in washington. they're lobbying for sending weapons to a country that very well could be an enemy of egypt -- i mean an enemy of israel and has been an enemy of israel, and i think if they're membership knew these people were up here conspiring in washington to send more weapons to egypt, and then israel has to have then more weapons times two, i think most pro israel americans would be upset to
1:28 pm
offend out the lobbying groups are lobbying against israel's best interests. >> the one i'm thinking of is ai pac. they were in favor of these going to egypt? >> you better ask them directly. that's been mercky today and we have been trying to pin that down. my understand is phone calls were made from apac lobbying for weapons to be sent to egypt. so if you're a member of apac and prize our friendship with israel, we need to call your leadership say, what in the heck is going on? why would you want to send plays to egypt to president morsi, who is an antisemite who doesn't believe in the holocaust. i think their leadership does not represent their membership and we're trying to get that word out. >> senator rand paul, thank you for joining us today. >> defense secretary hagel
1:29 pm
facing tough questions. but will he answer his critics with this? >> do you support sanctions against iran and. >> yes. >> do you believe that the united states should unilaterally eliminate its nuclear arsenal. >> no. i don't have a problem with engaging. i think great powers engage. engagement is in our interest. that's not negotiation. engagement is not apiecement. engagement is not surrender. >> i would would you ever put your name on a report that is inherently inconsistent with what you're telling us today, is that you have never been for unilateral disarmament as a possibility. >> it's not inconsistent, i don't believe, senator. you used the term, could. >> former u.s. ambassador the ug. john bolton has concerns. >> the hearings are still going on, the chairman of the committee said they could go on tomorrow. but i don't think so far today chuck hagel has done himself much good.
1:30 pm
he had a very sharp exchange with senator lindsey graham of south carolina who asked what senators by name up here are intimidate bid the jewish lobby? senator hagel didn't want to name any. he had an even sharper exchange with john mccain, who said to him, i want to know specifically here whether you believe you were wrong in saying that president bush's surge in iraq was the stupidest thing done. he couldn't get an answer out of senator hagel in a hearing where chuck hagel had chance on the record to make his best case for his nomination, i don't think he has yet persuaded the key people he needs to get, particularly john mccain. >> any surprises? a lot of what i listened to -- saw john mccain giving him a thorough going-over -- i think a lot of people wanted to see that. any surprises? any one specifically tougher on him? >> i think what was most
1:31 pm
important was the mccain-hagel exchange. if john mccain comes out in favor of "the haguele" nomination, it's over. if senator mccain says, i'm against this nomination and not only against im, i'm going to fight it, then they're in real trouble. i think enough republicans might side with john mccain that they could sustain a filibuster. >> can we turn our attention to what senator rand paul and i were speaking about. the f-16s to israel? would that be concerning for you? is it concerning for youiven the climate in the middle east? >> let's back up. i would suspend weapons shipment to egypt under the present circumstance but would not stop aid. we have giving billions to israel and egypt to support the cornerstone of american policy in the middle east. right now we're in a very difficult period with egypt. these f-16s right-hand going to morsi.
1:32 pm
they're going to the egyptian military. the one force that egypt -- that should support our position, and by the way, thissing not the first time they've got f-16s. they have a lot of them already. >> leave it there, ambassador john bolton. thank you very much. >> this twister leaving destruction in its wake. the man living to talk about it, joins us next. >> get back in here. [ male announcer ] you like who you are... and you learned something along the way. this is the age of knowing what you're made of. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects include headache, flushing, upset stomach, and abnormal vision. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. stop taking viagra and call your doctor right away if you experience a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action.
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live in brownsburg, indiana, scene of a 40-vehicle pileup. tractor-trailers slammed during like an accordion. comes as the state is dealing with winter storm that has left ice on many of its roads. [bleep] >> [bleep] >> get back in here. [bleep] >> across the road. >> severe weather is responsible for multiple deaths and destruction in the south. yesterday this tornado ripped through the northwestern community of adairsville, georgia, killing one and leaving many without homes. residents, including terry, the man who shot that video. we have him on the phone. are you there? >> yes, i am. >> that is a massive storm. incred credible video you -- incredible video. take us throw the moment. >> pretty intense.
1:37 pm
i was at my office. my wife asked me to look out the window. i turned around and looked out the window, saw a massive cloud cover. as we were watching it, it started forming a funnel cloud, and it touched down within ten seconds of it starting to form covered within a mile span, it from one end of adairsville to the other. then crossed highway 41. a lot of structural damage to building, as it took off across 140, struck damage. this thing was quarter mile away from us and i was videoing out the front of the windows at my office. i did happen to go outside as well. >> we're roll something video of some of the damage, the destruction left in the wake of
1:38 pm
the -- the path of the storm. i think they've said 16-mile long storm, a half mile wide storm, just creating havoc on its way. were you scared? >> well, no. i mean, it was pretty intense. i don't know that i was scared of it. at first when i touched down i wasn't sure of the direction it was going to take. so i was trying to get everybody back inside. and then as i saw the direction it was going, i was able to go out and get some footage. >> did you have any warning? >> no. i mean, was in cartersville 30 minutes prior to that, and the sirens went off in that city, and i drove back home to adairsville. so there are there were warning sirens going off, but as far as the tornado, it developed within ten seconds and touched the ground started devastation. so there was no warning as far
1:39 pm
as what it was going to do or that is was actually going to develop where it did. >> terry, amazing video, sir. >> thank you. remember this? president obama holding a closed door meeting with labor leaders, nancy pelosi pushing hard to exempt them, and news this hour, the president may be ready to crock. >> we owe a debt of gratitude to our friends in the labor movement for making this -- having this interaction with the white house because really all america's working families benefited from the accommodation that had been made. >> a heck of an accommodation. >> i don't understand that. how do all americans benefit from that? when you let one group off the hook, means other groups have to pay more taxes. >> you thought the unions got a sweet school in they don't think so now. according to a new report, some unions are upset with the health
1:40 pm
care bill because they're fearing it's driving up medical costs and weakening their power. michelle field says, be careful what you wish to. >> exactly. looks like this week they finally got around to reading the obamacare law and realized, wait, healthcare costs are going up. so now they're saying they can't comply with the individual mandate and can't provide health insurance unless the federal provides them with a subsidy, which is crazy. i want to know where my subsidy is. if they get one, i should get one, too. >> so now unions are not sure they did the right thing. they got the -- helped get the healthcare bill passed. not sure they like it. states wanted out. unions want out. now we hear that low-income people can opt out as well. is that right? >> exactly. if you are a low income worker and you only have an employer provided insurance, you can opt out. so the unions are saying they
1:41 pm
want that subsidy as well. which is absolutely crazy. these people work day in and day out to get this passed. if anything they should have to pay more than all of us as punishment for sticking us with this awful law. but they're going to go to d.c. and ask for preferential treatment, and the democrats are going to give it to them because they need them to win elections. >> michelle, the old statement, the old analogy of socialism, going from capitalism to socialism, when you have too many people in the cart, not enough people pulling the cart. the cart eventually stops. more and more people like the low-income recipients, the unions, the states looking to opt out, they're getting in the cart. who is left to pull the cart? >> no one wants to pay for it. and the whole objective of obama care was to drive the healthcare costs down. right? if you look at the insurance companies throughout the country, they're raising their premiums by double digits, and the people who are suffering are small businesses. they're the people who don't
1:42 pm
have the employer provided insurance. they're the ones who of hearing to pay these double digit premium increases. it's absurd. >> you know who is going to be stuck with the still in you, right there. your generation. mostly your generation. >> yeah. exactly. we're the ones who are going to have to foot the bill for all of this. >> how does that make you feel? >> makes me feel awful. no one cares about us. everyone just wants free stuff and no one wants to pay for it. >> michelle, we're going to leave it there. thanks for joining us again. good to see you. how would you like to good online and check your coworker's salary? what if they could check yours. more companies posting them, but is it legal? >> he doesn't have a super bowl ring but has had a love child. did one of the nfl's greatest players just stumble?
1:43 pm
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. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities.
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the field but a bombshell report revealing a secret love child he had with a cbs employee in 2005. until now the long-time married marino seemed to have a squeaky clean image but we have seen celebrity scandals before this one so why do we care? dr. daniel says, why are we surprised that dan marino has a love smiled you hear about it all the time. >> i don't think we should be that surprised. i think we like to hold our celebrities and sports stars up to a certain standard, and we want to believe they're moral pillars of society, but they're human beings like everyone else and when you have completely unlimited access to instant gratification, you're going to act on those em -- impulses. >> how did we fine out about it? >> i found out how you probably
1:47 pm
did. know he fathered a child supposedly that at this point is seven years old. >> right. and the secret love child part is the one i'm wondering about. i heard that he had paid the mother of the child several million dollars. is that right? >> that's what i've heard. and i believe that part of the money was paid for silence, if it's my understanding if that's correct. >> let's talk about now what happens. is it just that we hear about it more because they're celebrates and athletes and we like to look up to them so we hear about what these things happening, or is the current -- happening higher than the population. >> it happens every day but when you're famous and people tell you yes all the time, you get what you want when you want it, and you use that to get the things you want in life, and at it pretty much instantaneous
1:48 pm
anytime you want it because of your big name. >> a -- tiger woods, arnold schwarzenegger. >> absolutely. i think that we as a society have a short memory and more apt to foreforgive these people because hoff the entertainment value they have. wore sort of willing to give them a free pass and allow them to good on their way and forget about these thing. which we may not do with our friends and neighbors but we do with them because they are celebrities. >> interesting concept. do we treat politicians differently? there's a lot of love childs and sex scandals in the political world but we seem to hole them accountable a little longer than the athletes. >> well, i think it's a sad thing. i think in some way it's incumbent upon the individual, whether they're a politician or a sports star or celebrity, to act a little bit better than the rest of us because of the position they hold in society. but very often, because they're
1:49 pm
human beings, they fall victim to that narcissism, that sense of entitlement which causes them to fall from grace. >> we'll leave it there. thank you, sir. >> ever wonder how much your boss' favorite worker gets paid? turns out some companies are making that information available, but should they? our legal eagles are here and ready to try this. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. impact wool exports from new zealand,
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better check your paycheck. new government numbers show wages and salaries are headed higher. but what if i told you your colleagues can check your paycheck, too? it's happening more and more as companies take a more open approach the finals, posting everything from performance reviews to pay. it's legal, but should it be?
1:53 pm
attorneys are ready to try this. i can't imagine, i can't imagine someone could log on and find out what i make, and then again, i can find out what they make, too. >> it shouldn't be legal. it's a trade secret. your salary, compensation, performance reviews. all protected by a trade secret. the problem is, what happens if a competitor gets heeled -- gets hold of this information, and they can give that information to a competitor. >> trade secret, seems like the companies themselves would be at risk if they're posting it. >> that's the point. we have guidelineses, federal laws to protect certain things about us individually. you're southerly security number, medical information, but the federal government has not declared your salary is protected information. so, if your employer wants to release it, and you agree to be
1:54 pm
employed by this employer, you know this upon being employed, you're kind of like, hey, i'm part of the program. but there are benefits to it. big benefits. >> jump in. >> doesn't end there. you also subject yourself as an employer to a defamation lawsuit. you have information there n there that is not favorable, do you want people who you sit next to at work have this information? you don't. >> i disagree with you there if they agree to and it know it and they're employed by the company, they probably give that up. but the medical records, what's to say they're not going to say your pay is online, now its your -- >> say it's a slippery slope. who knows what else. it is legal. >> the medical record aspect has already been litigated and been through coverage we're very clear on that.
1:55 pm
no, absolutely no disclosure of medical records without the proper authorization. that is protected by federal and state law. so i'm not worried there. i find this interesting. you can go online to these companies and they let you know who is investing. there's a lot of small companies, art startups. you know who is investing in the company york working for. >> where is the line? what if they want to put out -- i don't know -- social aspects of you? >> no. >> likes to go out at night and party. >> i'm opposed to that. >> go ahead. >> employee privacy. the other serious issue, if you are a public company, you can yourself to sec violation, which means you're going to have an sec investigation. you can possibly be prosecuted in the event there is insider trading, and we know, if a corporation has not publicly disclosed information and your employees get heeled of it. they can say, we can trade that's and stocks are bought or
1:56 pm
sold. guess who will be knocking on your door. >> ang lean is trying to sigh you're wrong about the other thing and they decide to post your after-work extracurricular activity. >> i agree and we have had this on this show, face book and anything regarding facebook is private and there are laws regarding the protection of your facebook account. >> not every company is adhering to those laws. >> i do -- >> and that's the problem. >> in this situation, if you're looking at a small company, you're saying, hey, i want employees to all feel like owners. people who are on different stages -- >> where is the support? where is employee productivity tied to making everything transparent. >> make your business in america --
1:57 pm
>> i haven't seep the studies. >> if they -- >> you're monomericking the employer waste resources. >> nobody is -- >> who would start a business and who would start a company knowing they're going to be subject to this? >> this is an on -- >> who start a business. >> it's not a law. >> further regulation and unnecessary. >> it's not a law. no one is telling you, you have to do this. some businesses are chaosing to do it. >> the problem is then people have an expectation this is what is going to health. >> that's okay. if you want to start a business and be better than your competitor, maybe this how -- >> correlates those rule office being better and there's nothing that -- >> [overlapping speakers] >> i don't know. >> some people think it is. >> you know what? >> i don't. >> not you. employee doesn't like it. >> they can good someplace else. the american way. we have that freedom. >> all right. well. good debate and i'm sure there will be a lot more.
1:58 pm
good to see you. all right, you know what? in three minutes i'm going run across the breezeway and hit the 5, but saturday, 11:30 eastern a.m., set the dvr, fantastic show. we talk about government waste, we call them out on it. it's called cashing in. i'm looking forward to seeing you saturday morning at 11:30. captioned by closed captioning services inc. favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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